A Leading Supplier Doing Comprehensive Sustainability Work

Sweden’s leading restaurant and catering specialist engages in long-term quality and environmental efforts that create business benefits for the company and its customers. Martin & Servera is a family-owned group of companies, together, they deliver beverages, fresh produce, foodstuffs, equipment and services to restaurants, cafés, bars and canteens across Sweden. They offer their customers about 50,000 items and makes roughly 12,000 deliveries every day.

Sustainable business, the obvious path

Trust is a pillar of the food industry and buyers from restaurants, coffee shops, preschools or a supermarket chain expect suppliers to offer them good quality products with traceable provenance. Suppliers must have have sound, integrated systems in place to ensure effective controls, both in day-to-day operations but also in rare cases like contamination. This is essential for maintaining food safety and protecting reputations. An area of growing importance for customer is alignment with their suppliers when it comes to social and environmental responsibility.

Safeguarding customer trust is central to the mission of Martin & Servera. The Group introduced a Code of Conduct to all its suppliers in order to know that the goods and services it purchases are aligned with its business model and expectations of social and environmental responsibility.

Manually collecting all the relevant information, and working with real-time data and analysis, became an overwhelmingly person-dependent and comprehensive process. This ultimately led to the decision to purchase a system for managing and monitoring suppliers. A thorough pre-study was carried out to find the right solution and the choice fell on Worldfavor. Since then, the focus has been on inviting and collecting data from Martin & Servera’s suppliers and following up on the collected data, which includes everything from certificates to fulfillment of the code of conduct. The whole process is an example of yet another initiative from Sweden’s leading restaurant and catering specialist, whose work within social and environmental responsibility will no doubt inspire many more companies to follow suit. 

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