Worldfavor Selected to Present at Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day

STOCKHOLM ⬝ 31 JANUARY: Worldfavor has been selected as one of Sweden’s 30 most promising technologies in creating a more sustainable future and will present at Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day. SSVD is the largest investment event for sustainable solutions in Sweden with over 400 registered investors. It focuses on key sector growth opportunities and successful investment strategies with carefully selected Sustaintech company presentations. A group of Swedish experts in sustainable investments have thoughtfully chosen the 30 companies with strong sales growth, good export potential, and have developed past the seed phase. In other words, businesses they qualify as investment-friendly. 

We here at Worldfavor are honored and excited to present how our sustainability platform makes it possible for companies to share and access sustainability performance information, understand their full impact, and evolve in such a way that people, planet, and economy can thrive together.

Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day will take place on the 6th of February 2020. 

About Worldfavor
Worldfavor is a global platform for sharing and evaluating corporate sustainability and compliance information. Through its global network, the platform connects organizations and companies all over the world to exchange information and thereby enable sustainable decisions. The platform is used to gain transparency in large global supply chains, for monitoring of ESG on investments and other business partners, and to simplify companies’ internal sustainability efforts. With the solutions Sustainable Sourcing, Sustainability Management, Sustainable Investments and Sustainable Financing, the platform supports several aspects of corporate sustainability in a number of industries. Today, the platform is approaching 30,000 connected companies in over 60 countries. Among its customers are leading Nordic and international brands such as Swedbank, Nobia, Martin & Servera, Nudie Jeans and NIBE.

For more information, please contact: 
Worldfavor: Siri Henriksson, Marketing Director, +46 73 05 60 207.