Academic Work Chooses Worldfavor Solutions for Sustainability Efforts

Academic Work, staffing and recruitment company with over 20 years of experience, decided to take their sustainability efforts a step further – from working with their internal sustainability practices to getting a grip of their entire supply chain. 

Having understood the value of digitalizing their internal sustainability management with Worldfavor’s Sustainability Management solution, Academic Work decided they wanted to take control over the impact of their supply chain and mitigate risk by managing all supplier relations and data in one place.  

Requiring a modern and flexible system to customize analytics tools, statistics, and questions, Academic Work chose Worldfavor’s Sustainable Sourcing solution to manage its supply chain. Ronja Fornell, Group Purchasing Coordinator at Academic Work explains, “we wanted to be able to collect and store the data in one place and get away from the manual handling in Excel.”  

The Sustainable Sourcing solution makes it possible for Academic Work to digitalize data collection, automate follow-ups, and customize the perimeters in which relevant data is analyzed. 

Now, Academic Work has a one-stop shop for all sustainability information, can better gain transparency and mitigate risk by making it easy to use data-driven insights to make decisions and in so doing, lift their sustainability work to the next level.  

"The biggest win is being able to collect all processes and data in the same place, and time efficient processes."

– Ronja Fornell, Academic Work

Read about how Academic Work uses Worldfavor to digitalize their sustainability work below!

Worldfavor is the first ever global platform where companies can collaborate, share, and access sustainability performance information. Our solutions enable clients understand their full impact and keep track of sustainability data in order to drive decisions that help the people, planet, and economy thrive together.  

Learn more about Worldfavor’s Sustainable Sourcing Solution.

Academic Work is a recruitment and staffing company that recruits and hires young professionals, students, and academics who are at the beginning of their careers, while also fulfilling businesses’ recruitment needs and helping them grow.

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